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Wheelchair Van Sales

Since our Companies inception in 1995, we have grown to a fleet of nearly 100 vehicles. With our primary business being dedicated to Non-Emergent Medical Transportation, we have adapted our vehicles to meet the customer's needs. Nearly 6 years ago our Company purchased its first Rear Entry Ramp / Wheelchair Van. Since then our entire fleet has been converted to Mini Vans and the savings have been astronomical.

Customer satisfaction has improved, maintenance/fuel costs have dropped, and the overall vehicle longevity has increased. The Ramp Mini Vans have quickly become the "vehicle of choice" for many Taxi and Para-Transit Drivers as well as Individuals across the country.


The Advantages of Using Rear Entry Ramp Minivans

  • Accessibility
  • Low Floor Design (56” clearance)
  • Fold out ramp with a Standard 34” wide entry
  • Save on FUEL (17 MPG City / 24 MPG Highway)
  • Seating Capacity up to 7 passengers in some models or 2 Mobility Devices and still accommodate 4 passengers.
  • SAVE Money on the cost of a conversion plus GREAT Deals on Low Mileage Vehicles that are IN STOCK!
  • Zero Maintenance, durable and reliable modification
  • Factory Direct Fleet Pricing.
  • Fully and successfully crash tested to meet all Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards including ADA and NHTSA
  • 3-yr/36,000 miles Conversion Warranty
  • Click here for additional information and to view vans!

Contact us today for a free cost quote! You are under NO OBLIGATION! We’re confident that you will like doing business with us because we will work hard to make sure you are fully satisfied.

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