Lifeline Monitoring

Lifeline Wins a vote of confidence from more and more healthcare professionals every day. Lifeline your partner in helping to keep patients at home safely and cost-effectively.

Lifeline’s main constituency consists of older adults who may be suffering from chronic health conditions. Seniors want to remain at home as they value their independence and want to maintain their quality of life. Their children usually wish the same for their aging parents, but want to ensure they have the help they need 24 hours a day, especially when they cannot be there to assist as caregivers.

Lifeline Systems connects individuals to the support of neighbors, friends, family and emergency services in the community. By pushing a button worn around the neck or wrist, a Lifeline user has rapid and direct access to a trained Lifeline staff member 24 hours a day. For over 25 years, Lifeline has provided this service to approximately 5 million people across North America. Med-Van Transport’s Lifeline program allows many elderly residents in the local area to maintain their independence at home as well as a connection with the community. Over the past 6 years, we have seen consistent growth in the demand for these services which assist older adults and their families and caregivers. The ability to live at home and maintain independence has a significant positive emotional impact for both the elderly and their family members.

This support improves the quality of life for the elderly and their families, enhances independence for patients and provides peace of mind for children and caregivers.

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